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HED Stinger 9 Flamme Rouge Tubular - Rear Wheel

HED Stinger 9 Flamme Rouge Tubular - Rear Wheel

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The HED Stinger 9 Flamme Rouge takes C2 to new depths. Its C2 technology sparked the wide rim trend that nearly every competitor has adopted. This wide profile uses a 23mm tire as part of the aero shape making for a startling drop in drop. This shape is still unlike any of its copy cat counterparts. A 23mm tire sits so deeply inside the rim that nearly 50% of the tire is enveloped in the rim. SCT (Stability Control Technology) ensures this deep wheel will remain calm in the face of cross winds. Looking for speed? Look no further.

  • 60mm rim depth
  • Wider, C2 tire well
  • Sonic carbon hub
  • Grease port for ease of service
  • Titanium skewers
  • 885g, tubular only.

    Shipping Weight: 30 lbs. dimensional

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