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GU Chomps

GU Chomps

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GU Chomps - GU Chomps provide you energy for your long workouts/races. If you are looking for a change of pace from gels this is a perfect solution. You get all the great benefits of GU Energy Gels with their scientifically advanced formulation.

Carbohydrates: Like GU Gels, Chomps contain a balance of complex carbohydrates (maltodextrin) and simple carbohydrates (tapioca syrup and cane sugar) as the basis of delivering fast and usable energy. Each carbohydrate plays a key role in fueling your competitive fire. Together they get you moving faster and longer, not to mention helping you feel better on the rebound.

Amino Acids: Of course there is more to GU and Chomps than just carbohydrates. Both contain branched chain amino acids which provide extra energy during exercise and play a key role in maintaining concentration and acceleration recovery from a hard workout or race

Antioxidants: GU Chomps are chock full of two key antioxidants, all natural vitamins C and E. There is no guarantee that you will not bonk or will not be sore after a long workout but certainly the advanced food science behind GU products will help.

Electrolytes: Meaningful levels of electrolytes, when supported by water, help you stay hydrated and firing on all cylinders.

Try all these great flavors:
  • BPM = Blueberry Pomegranate
  • CRY = Black Cherry
  • LEM = Lemon
  • ORG = Orange
  • WTM = Watermelon
  • STR = Strawberry
  • RAS = Raspberry - 40mg Caffeine...NEW!!
Note: Each packet contains two servings.

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