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On Sale!Fluid Recovery Drink | Single Serving

Fluid Recovery Drink | Single Serving

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FLUID Recovery Drink is a fast, complete muscle recovery drink that will replenish tired muscles, reduce workout soreness and support a stressed immune system. To get the most out of your workouts, you need to recover properly Ė thatís where FLUID comes into the mix (see what I did there?). Generous amounts of whey protein isolate and complex carbohydrates rebuild and energize your muscles, while vitamin C, sodium and potassium bring the body back into balance. Featuring 50 times the amount of immune-boosting L-Glutamine per serving as other drinks, FLUID Recovery Drink is, therefore, 50 times more awesome. FLUID does not contain artificial ingredients, colors or flavors, so itís as natural as licking strawberries. 100% natural, 100% effective.

Choose from Three great flavors: Tropical, Berry or Chocolate!

Also available in convenient 6-Pack (FLD00003)

*This product is manufactured in a facility and on equipment that processes wheat, dairy and nuts. Please be advised*

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