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Cobb V-Flow Max Tri Saddle

Cobb V-Flow Max Tri Saddle

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The Max saddle from Cobb Cycling was developed by John Cobb for maximum rider comfort during both Triathlon riding and road riding.
The lowered nose section, combined with the deep cut pressure trough, helps relieve pressure in the prostate/perinea area for men, and the soft tissue area for women.

The narrow rear section comes from the extremely popular and successful V-Flow series, but is made with an all-new higher density foam. Ongoing tests have shown that a harder saddle foam is more comfortable over longer distances, so Cobb developed a new foam that saves weight while adding comfort.

The seat rail design of the new Max seat also makes it much easier for rider to achieve the proper seat setback for U.C.I. races. With one of the longest rail lengths of any of the “triathlon” type saddles, the max is easily adjustable to find the ultimate in positions.

The Max weighs 270g and has a unique shape that is very rider friendly. Available in Black or White.

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