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New!CARBO-PRO GMO Free | 27 Servings

CARBO-PRO GMO Free  | 27 Servings

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The CARBO-PRO you've come to know and love is now GMO Free. CARBO-PRO is a premium fuel formulated to provide simple, clean and efficient calories. It's gluten-free, contains no preservatives, color, dairy, soya, sweeteners, or yeast. It's Identity-Preserved (IP), grown and sourced from corn farmers in the USA. And it's extensively tracked, documented and certified NOT to be genetically modified by bioengineering technology. It provides endurance athletes with pure, perfectly balanced, and clinically tested complex carbohydrates. So, when peak performance counts, count on CARBO-PRO GMO Free to deliver!

Features & Benefits:
  • 3lb canister, 27 servings
  • IP (identity preserved) GMO-free sourced in the USA
  • Delivers pure, perfectly balanced, and clinically tested complex carbohydrates
  • Use before, during, and after activity
  • Great for carbo-loading
  • Non-sweet neutral flavor
  • Gluten-free, no preservatives, color, dairy, soya, sweeteners or yeast.
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