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On Sale!CARB-PRO Bag | 18 Servings

CARB-PRO Bag | 18 Servings

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Carbo-Pro Carbo-Pro - Carbo-Pro contains 100% Complex Carbs (2.0 lbs) and is a nonsweet (neutral flavor) glucose polymer, derived through a patented process that consists of D-glucose units linked primarly by alpha-1-4 bonds, having a Dextrose Equivalency of less than 16 (high molecular weight). It is low on the Glycemic Index (20) in comparison to table sugar. Carbo-Pro is a white powder prepared by hydrolysis of grains (corn/barley/rice). It's highly safe for direct human consumption. 2 lb. bag - great for travel anywhere!

complex carbs - to maintain peak performance There are nutrients which are building materials and nutrients that are fuel. Proteins, vitamins, minerals, and essential fats are predominantly building materials. They are used long-term to grow a better body. All carbohydrates are essentially fuel. They are used short-term, like gas in the tank. So the types and amounts of carbs to provide the right fuel mix, and the timing of their intake to provide an optimum supply, are critical for any particular performance to succeed. Furthermore, carbohydrates reduce the use of muscle protein for fuel, and therefore spare that vital muscle tissue.

CARBO-PRO has a perfect balance of caloric concentration and osmolality. The dextrose equivalency of CARBO-PRO is low therefore it is low in osmolality even up to 15% to 20% solution in water (200 to 220) lower than body fluid osmolality (280 to 300). For example the osmolality of sugar at 15% to 20% solution in water is approximately 800. Therefore sugar at this concentration is too hard on the stomach. Relative to sugars, CARBO-PRO provides higher caloric density without exceeding osmotic balance.

In designing your carbohydrate nutrition, the primary goal should be to achieve highest level of muscle glycogen and maintain that level, before during, and after exercise/training.

Carbohydrates are the best source of fuel. They provide the highest energy. An athlete always has to worry about carbohydrates during hard training because it is difficult to get enough of it. Fat yields 9 calories per gram while carbs yield only 4 calories per gram. But the 9 calories from fat comes quite slowly. In the human body fat burns very slowly for energy. Primary fuel for exercise is adenosinetriphosphate (ATP). It's a lot easier for the body to break down muscle glycogen and blood glucose into ATP than to break down fat. Consequently, ATP is formed a lot faster from carbs than from fat. The rate of ATP synthesis from carbs is about 1.0 mol/min. From fats the rate is only 0.5 mol/min. So carbs yield twice as much energy as fats. During anaerobic activity where only carbs are used as fuel, energy formation jumps to 2.4 mol/min, almost five times the energy that can be derived from fat.

NEUTRAL FLAVOR: Mix it in any sports drink, Gatorade, Accelerade, Endurox, Powerbar Drinks, Clif Drinks, Cytomax, Hammer Nutrition Drinks, Gu Drinks, NUUN, Motor Tabs, Ultima Replenisher, to add PURE & CLEAN calories to replenish muscle reserves
  • derived from the enzymatic hydrolysis of food grains
  • mixes readily with water or any sports drink
  • medium to long chain glucose polymers
  • provides a high load of immediate & sustained energy (112 calories per ounce)
  • perfect balance of osmolality and caloric concentration
  • even up to 15% concentration lower than body fluid osmolality
  • as a glucose polymer does not create a hypertonic solution in the guts, which is often caused by most sports drinks which have monosaccharides (glucose, fructose, corn syrup, galactose, etc.)
  • a hypertonic solution can actually dehydrate you as it pulls body fluids into the guts for dilution
  • does not cause gastric distress
  • Perfect for replenishing muscle glycogen immediately after each training session
  • perfect fuel for long distance events
  • CARBO-PRO + THERMOLYTE for any endurance activity under the sun

The total complex carbohydrate content of CARBO-PRO is 94.5%.

Complex Carbohydrate 94.5 %
Moisture 5 %
Protein < 0.1 %
Fat < 0.1 %
Fiber < 0.1 %
Serving Size = 1 scoop (1 oz.) or (28.5 gm)
Calories per serving = 115
Total Carbohydrate Per Serving = 28.5 gm
19 % of Daily Value*
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000-calorie diet.

Recommended Use:
As a dietary supplement, mix two scoops (2 oz.) or (57 gm) in 20-24 oz. of water and drink it during exercise activity.

Note: Diabetics should consult their physician before use.

Shipping Weight: 2.0 lbs.

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