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Buh-Bump HRM Electrode Cream

Buh-Bump HRM Electrode Cream

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Buh-Bump HRM Electrode Cream is the solution to the problem that has plagued heart rate monitor users for over two decades! If you have dry skin, don't sweat a lot, or your sweat just doesn't conduct electricity, your monitor will not function the way it should. Many users simply put up with the erratic, inconsistent, and inaccurate readings because they think that's the way it is. Nonsense! Your monitor should work flawlessly all the time.

buh-bump is an electrocardiograph cream similar to those used in medical procedures. When applied to the electrodes of any monitor, the user sees consistent and accurate readings-the monitor works flawlessly, 100% of the time. buh-bump works! It's a great product! Why else would we sell it?

  • Spit? While unsanitary and "disgusting", saliva does work for some people, but its like using rabbit ears on a TV when you could have cable. It all comes down to getting the best reception possible.

  • Reception is key to heart rate training. Nothing is more frustrating to a HRM user than watching their heart rate appear one second and disappear the next due to lousy reception. Hands down, buh-bump provides the best reception possible!

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