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blueseventy PZ3TX Triathlon Speed Suit

blueseventy PZ3TX Triathlon Speed Suit

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The blueseventy PZ3TX is one of the fastest triathlon speed suits on the planet. This WTC and USAT legal speed suit will keep you in the front of the pack of any warm water open water swim. When temperatures go up and wetsuits are no longer needed the PZ3TX will streamline your body to cut through the water faster than the competition. The PZ3TX is a fully textile, welded version of the pointzero3, blueseventy continues to set the standard others will try to follow in triathlon swimskins. Using the latest in microfibre textile technology, the PZ3TX draws on our years of high performance swimming product development combined with the most recent developments in textile research. PZ3TX is a highly advanced swimskin combining hydrophobic fabrics with welded seams in order to reduce surface drag and through its biomechanically engineered compressive properties, drastically reduces wave drag and increases performance. The result is a swimskin that will set the standard for triathlon and open water swimmers in the new era of textile regulations. It's not surprising the world's fastest open swimmers continue to make their blueseventy the swimskin of choice.

  • Superior ultra-welded suit seams reduce friction drag and enhance race speed when it matters
  • Welded arm gussets designed to significantly improve underarm swim comfort and flexibility
  • An innovative lightweight, water resistant BLU-TX fabric improves core positioning with advanced compression and streamlining
  • White heat reflective fabric in the upper back, highly compressive to reduce drag, while allowing optimal thermoregulation
  • Color: Orange (Men's) and Pink (Women's)
Men's Height(in) Weight(lbs) Build Height(cm) Weight(kg)
XS 4'10-5'4" 121-143lbs Extra Small 147-160cm 55-65kg
S 5'4"-5'9" 141-165lbs Small 160-170cm 65-75kg
M 5'8"-6'1" 158-187lbs Medium 172-184cm 74-85kg
ML 5'11"-6'3" 176-198lbs Medium/Large 182-194cm 84-90kg
L 5'11"-6'4" 192-220lbs Large 184-194cm 88-98kg
XL 6'0'-6'6" 209+lbs Extra Large 185-200cm 96+kg

Women's Height(in) Weight(lbs) Build Height(cm) Weight(kg)
WS 4'10"-5'3" 108-121lbs Small 147-160cm 49-55kg
WMS 5'0"-5'5" 117-132lbs Medium/Small 172-184cm 74-85kg
WM 5'3"-5'9" 123-141lbs Medium 160-175cm 57-64kg
WL 5'6"-5'11" 139-154lbs Large 160-175cm 63-70kg

Shipping Weight: 1.0 lb.