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BlisterShield Foot Powder 8oz

BlisterShield Foot Powder 8oz

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BlisterShield™ is a high-tech foot powder that prevents blisters, chafing and other types of skin irritations caused by activity. While primarily for your feet, BlisterShield™ is effective anywhere clothing keeps the powder close to your skin. A must have for triathletes and runners!!!

  • BlisterShield™ allows water vapor (perspiration) to pass through it and keeps moisture off your skin. Your skin stays dry, eliminating one of the three conditions that cause blisters.

  • BlisterShield™ is a super-lubricant. It is extremely "slippery" and eliminates the effects of friction (the second condition) caused by continuous movement.

  • Pressure is the third blister-causing condition. Pressure can be controlled by how well your footwear and other clothing/equipment fits. However; BlisterShield™ will help by decreasing the effects of friction at pressure points.

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