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New!BeetElite Nitric Oxide Test Strips | 10 Count Tube

BeetElite Nitric Oxide Test Strips | 10 Count Tube

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Measure your current Nitric Oxide level with BeetElite Test Strips. It's a simple home monitoring tool used to understand your body's ability to produce essential Nitric Oxide. A higher level of nitric oxide helps the body dilate blood vessels and veins, improving circulation. Better muscle blood flow uses oxygen more efficiently and delivers more glucose to support increased muscle activity. The BeetElite indicator strips help monitor your body's current nitric oxide status using your saliva. The results are measured by comparing your strip against four color-coded indicators. Do you have enough Nitric Oxide in your body? Don't leave your performance to chance...get the BeetElite Nitric Oxide Test Strips today!

Features & Benefits:
  • Essential tool for understanding Nitric Oxide (N-O) levels
  • Fast, easy and convenient way to measure current N-O in the body
  • Color-coded chart quickly indicates current N-O level
  • World's first and only patent-pending, non-invasive nitric oxide monitoring tool
  • Tube contains 10 test strips, instructions and color-coded indicator chart
  • Developed by Neogenis Labs - Leaders in Nitric Oxide Research
  • Usage: Measure on an empty stomach before and after Nitric Oxide rich foods

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