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Beet The Odds

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Better understand why our ancestors cultivated one vegetable in particular for the benefit of their survival. "Beet The Odds" sheds insight into the many important aspects of the healthy-giving properties associated with the beloved Beetroot. It's not just the "Beetiful Color" of this amazing root that will surprise you. Discover for yourself the abundant benefits and phyto-nutrient wealth that this simple vegetable bestows upon its user. Find out why the Beet can improve your vitality by increasing Nitric Oxide levels. Learn how to take control of your nitric oxide levels for a healthier, happier life. Jump in and stay on the "Beeten" path to healthier living with the "Beet The Odds" paperback book.

  • Concise and informative
  • Filled with research and healthy benefits
  • Quick read - 55 pages are very easy to understand
  • Handy - fast reference for family and friends
  • Learn and take control of your Nitric Oxide level
  • You may never look at the simple Beet in the same way
  • By Neogenis Labs - Leaders in Nitric Oxide Research
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