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On Sale!Aqua Sphere Phantom Triathlon Wetsuit

Aqua Sphere Phantom Triathlon Wetsuit

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The Aqua Sphere Phantom Triathlon Wetsuit is built for pure speed. Triathlon Wetsuit technology has been pushed to the limit by the swim experts at Aqua Sphere who have teamed up with Terenzo Bozzone and Faris Al Sultan. This suit is Fast flexible and comfortable. Oh did I mention it's fast? If you are looking for a suit to take your swim to the next level then look no further then the Aqua Sphere Phantom Triathlon Wetsuit.

  • Core Power System stabilizes the core, provides lower back support and a tighter, more powerful hip rotation for a more streamlined position in the water
  • Auto Positioning Sleeve 5mm band and visual cue encourages proper hand and arm rotation with high elbow position for maximum power through the pull
  • Bio-Stretch Zone 1mm panel allows the natural rotation of the shoulder, upper body and core during the stroke
  • Dual-gusset Aqua-Grip´┐Ż leak resistant cuffs
  • Quick-release ankle transition panels
  • Extended length, reverse-pull zipper with leash for easy on/off and quick transitions

    Shipping Weight: 4.00 lb.