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New!Amphipod SnapFlask Xtech Bottle | 2-Pack

Amphipod SnapFlask Xtech Bottle | 2-Pack

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The low-profile SnapFlask Xtech Bottle from Amphipod is the best in the business. The contoured easy-grip bottles are top-rack dishwasher safe, easy-to-clean, and BPA-free. Each Xtech bottle holds 10.5oz fluid, has a wide-mouth for quick filling, and a high-flow spout for quick bursts of fluid on-the-go. Don't let thirst rob your performance, get the 2-pack Amphipod SnapFlask Xtech Bottle and power your next run.

Features & Benefits:
  • Low-profile SnapFlask Xtech Bottle 2-pack
  • Bottles ONLY, does not include Xtech Docking Base (pictured)
  • Each bottle holds 10.5oz of fluid (21oz total)
  • For use with Amphipod Runlite hydration belts
  • Ergonomically contoured with a 100% leak-free hi-flow spout
  • Low-profile slosh minimizing design
  • Exclusive wide-mouth for quicker filling, easy cleaning and ice
  • High-flow spout for instant quench
  • Dishwasher safe, easy-to-clean, and BPA-free
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