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3T Wide Aero Clamps

3T Wide Aero Clamps

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The 3T Wide Aero Clamps offers the rider a wider arm stance. After installation, the width between the extensions will range from 105mm to 270mm. The cradles are set in a curve, angled inwards to support the rider's elbows in a wide-aero stance.

Conversion Kit: If you own a 3T Mistral or Zefiro aerobar and want to raise the cradles and pads you'll need the 3T Wide Aero Clamps in addition to the 3T riser kit shown below. This will take the cradles off the basebar and convert it to the 3T Aura/Brezza setup.

Please note: Using the wide aero clamp as a conversion kit will raise the pad cradles 50mm and the extensions will go from under the basebar to over the basebar raising them 114mm.

  • Weight: 117g
  • Material: Alloy
  • Fits: Aura, Aura Comfort, and Brezza II aerobars, and can be used to convert Zefiro and Mistral to standard extensions
Shipping Weight: .75 lbs.

3T Mistral/Zefiro/Aura Riser Kit 10mm/20mm
3T Mistral/Zefiro/Aura Riser Kit 10mm/20mm
Great for the triathlete dialing-in the perfect bike fit.
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