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2XU Womens Elite Compression Socks

2XU Womens Elite Compression Socks

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With graduated compression engineering to promote increased circulation, the 2XU Women's Elite Compression Sock enhances blood flow to support the calf and key muscles in the lower leg during training and competition, allowing these muscles to operate more efficiently with greater power and less fatigue.

The Elite Sock utilizes an additional support band in the achilles/ankle area for maximum stability, while promoting increased circulation to flush by-products more efficiently and minimize blood pooling in the extremities. This popular sock also channels air, wicks moisture and boasts a linked toe cage to enhance comfort during active and recovery use.

  • Running
  • Endurance/Aerobic Activities
  • Training
  • Competitions and Racing
  • General Outdoor Sporting Activities
  • Post workout or competition
  • Extended periods in a static or sedentary position
  • Sleeping
  • Rehab from injury or surgery
  • DVT protection when traveling
  • 250 Denier compression fabric and 360 degree knit structure provides power, durability and comfort
  • Strategic padding for protection, durability and comfort
  • Increased elastane yarn placement zoned to provide greater support to calf, shin and ankle regions
  • Minimize shin splints, calf muscle related strains and cramping
  • Graduated design promotes circulation (venous return) for improved oxygenation of muscles
  • Graduated compression fit for circulatory benefits & faster recovery
  • Extreme Moisture Management
  • Antibacterial & SPF 50 Sun protection
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Women's Compression Sock Calf Circumference (cm) Calf Circumference (in)
XS 30-33cm 12-13in
S 33-36cm 13-14in
M 36-39cm 14-15.5in
L 39-42cm 15.5-16.5in
XL 42-45cm 16.5-18in

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